Sunday, 30 November 2014

Riot police

Back to 15mm scale for today's post - a group of riot police!  These Rebel Minis figures are perfect for any zombocalypse or serious urban disturbance.  I have painted them in modern British riot police uniforms (as featured in the nationwide riots of 2012), as I fancy gaming a zombie pandemic with a UK setting.  Not sure on a rules set yet, but possibly Ambush Alley's 'Ambush Z'.

I'm pleased with the outcome, & the uniforms are a pretty good match for the real ones, other than the additional padding at the back of the helmet (where UK police have numbering in yellow), & the holstered sidearms (in the UK only a small number of Authorised Firearms Officers carry guns).  However, in a zombie pandemic, I think that emergency legislation (or police taking matters into their own hands as society collapses) would mean that firearms would be issued widely...

I considered painting some of these figures with blood splatters & hand prints on their equipment, but at this tiny scale, I want to reserve most of the gore for the actual zombie figures, so that they are easier to pick-out on the tabletop.  This also means that I can use them for less apocalyptic settings too.  Not 100% happy with my attempt at a 'transparent' effect on the shields & visors, but it's passable at this scale.  I may gloss varnish those areas.

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