Sunday, 23 November 2014

Demiurg (W40K)

I really liked how the Battlefleet Gothic expansion Armada cheekily brought Squats back into the official Warhammer 40,000 universe as the 'Demiurg'.  Ever since then I've been wondering what they might look like (I've never been keen on their original Warhammer-Dwarf-like look), & now thankfully there are a few suitable miniatures on the market. 

My favourite is Hasslefree Miniatures's Grymn range.  I see the Demiurg as grubby & industrial, but a little more advanced than the stagnant Imperium, making use of full-AI droids for much of their labour & warfare, especially following the destruction of the Demiurg Homeworlds by the Tyranids.

So here are my first 28mm Demiurg - mining vessel crew with bolters & vac-sealed carapace armour!  These particular Grymn are from the Heavy Infantry range.  I really enjoyed painting these fantastic sculpts, & will be adding a few more from Hasslefree's extensive Grymn collection.  To tie these figures in with my Battlefleet Gothic Demiurg ships, I went with a tarnished, oily iron look for their armour.  Next up: Demiurg in exo-armour!

Picasa Web Albums is still adding blue to most of my uploaded photos... I may have to start using a different storage service  :-/


  1. Hi!

    Lovely job on those stunties! I do like the industrial orange jumpsuite combined with the well worn armour and tech.

    Cant wait to see what else you turn out!

    All the best

    1. Cheers; I'm hoping to put together 3 Grymn/Demiurg in powered armour this week...

  2. Beauty! I really dig the Grymn models - awesome job on 'em!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad I managed to get a colour scheme I was happy with first time - often I end up repainting or at least tweaking things before I'm happy with the look.