Tuesday, 16 December 2014

SAS / special forces

Another group of 15mm scale figures for the zombie apocalypse - British SAS / special forces.  I have my riot police underway, & plan to add both regular police (who have been armed due to the crisis) & an armed response unit.  However, I fancied some heavy-duty opposition for the infected hordes, & these SAS from Rebel Minis seemed just the thing.  I've had the figures for a while, & was thinking of going with yellow or orange boiler suits with black body armour; & then for a while I was going to paint them in the blue boiler suits & black armour of the famous SAS Counter-Revolutionary Wing - before ditching the idea as being too similar to the uniforms of all the police units that I have planned, as well as being a very specific unit with limited uses in a zombocalypse.

After having a long think about it, I reasoned that the military have plenty of suitable 'zombie-proof' gear in the form of camouflaged CBRN (formerly NBC) suits, without having to get in some garish 'HazMat' gear specially.  So I've painted these 2 fireteams as woodland CBRN suits.  If they'd had their hoods up & been wearing helmets, they could represent regular army, but as it is I'll run with them as SAS / special forces.  Maybe they've been sent into an infected zone to rescue a VIP, or retrieve an important 'package'...


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    1. Cheers, Barks. Painting the camo was fiddly, but I'm pleased with the result.