Thursday, 31 October 2013

More jungle scatter terrain (TW)

Next up... more jungle scatter terrain for 15mm Tomorrow's War!  Again, I've used plastic aquarium plants.  Not sure what to call this stuff.  Maybe 'mammoth grass'?  It comes set out on a regular grid, so I sliced it into pairs & trios so I could glue it out more haphazardly on the Fenris Games Ø50mm ply bases.  To hold them down more firmly, & to reduce the flatness, I textured over the ground using premixed filler/thickener.

I decided to paint the pegs which hold the leaf-blades in place as a flower or perhaps fruit.  I think this makes them look a bit more unusual.  The colour of these plants is very vivid, so I tried to break it up a bit by painting the veins of the leaves in pale green.  I enjoyed adding other details to these bases, such as severed stems leaking glossy sap, & a fallen blade.  So far greens have been the dominant hues of my growing alien jungle, but I'm about to try using some of the more garish plants I have in stock...

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