Sunday, 20 October 2013

Middle East civilians (FoF)

Having finally bought some large 1.5mm thick circular bases, I've put together my first civilian mob for 15mm scale Force on Force.  After toying with the idea of individually based civies, I've opted to split my civilian mobs between two Ø50mm bases, each with around 6 figures on.  This makes for easier movement of mobs, whilst representing their abstract nature in rules terms, but still allows a little flexibility in placement in relation to tabletop scenery.

The bases are laser-cut 1.5mm (to match the thickness of the coins I use for infantry bases) ply from Fenris Games - I highly recommend these bases.  They are very durable & have absolutely no warping.  The civilians are a mixture of Modern Civilians from Rebel Minis plus 'AK Looters', 'AK Ammo Carriers', 'Sudanese Women Civilians', &  'WWII Refugees' from Peter Pig.  I went for a 'refugee' theme for this mob, with most of the figures carrying valuables, children or babies.  I'm planning to use a more relaxed street/market theme for my next mob.

I will use these in Iraq / Lebanon games, but civilian mobs are more integral to Day of the Rangers (Black Hawk Down) battles - I'm looking forward to putting together civilian & hostile mobs for this next.

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