Monday, 16 July 2012

Chechen rebels (FoF)

I still haven't got my act together to order parts for a new PC, but I have been working on a few wargaming goodies.  This includes Night Goblins, Hobgoblins, Undead skeletons, & Chaos Warriors for Warhammer Quest; 28mm scale armoured cars for my Russian Civil War collection; plus Syrian T-62s, IDF Merkava Mk.1s, & lots of Chechen rebels for 15mm scale Force on Force.  I should have taken advantage of the brief sunny day yesterday to get decent photos of these in natural light, but I didn't, so please excuse these not-so-good photos which I've posted during one of my ailing PC's more worky phases:

I decided to do a Chechen force as some appropriate opponents to Dom's 1980s Russians. A couple of test games with Hotspots revealed I may need to add another 10 or so with AKs to the force to deal with particularly lucky reinforcement rolls by the insurgent player, but this force is more or less finished bar a few final painting touches.  They have the option of a pair of technicals with .30cals & 1 with a .50cal (I've made my 3 pickup trucks to have swapable gunners to avoid having to buy a 2nd set for my PLO).  Here are some more pics:

The fighters with RPKs are wearing keffiyehs so that they stand out better on the tabletop.  The guys with bright green berets are the leaders.  I've also painted up a pair with MAG GPMGs:

The figures are a mix of various soldiers from the Peter Pig AK 47 Republic Range, & Rebel Minis Fedayeen/Modern Insurgents.

After a little internet image research, I painted most of these Chechens in BDU camo as it seems to work well at 15mm scale, but I also did batches in what I believe to be (stolen) Russian paratrooper fatigues, & another more olive-&-drab splotches pattern that I'm not sure of the origin of.  Above are some of the BDU models.  As you can see, I need to add a few final touches such as defining webbing & painting guns in places.  I'll be adding a 75mm recoiless rifle team & a DSHK HMG team to round off this force.

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