Sunday, 17 June 2012

Warhammer Quest inventory

I've made an inventory of models I have for Warhammer Quest, ahead of probably starting a campaign with Tim, Dom, Hannah & co.  I have more than I thought, although a lot of it needs painting:

Wood Elf
Dwarf Trollslayer
High Elf Ranger
Imperial Noble

I should also be able to put together a Barbarian using Chaos Marauder bits (with a lantern from the Dwarf Miner sprue), & also a Dwarf Warrior using the Dwarf Miner sprue.

6 Orc Warriors
2 Orc 'Ard Boyz (maces & light armour)
4 Black Orcs (plate armour)
2 Black Orcs with battle axes (plate armour)
2 Black Orcs with maces (plate armour)
1 Black Orc Boss with battle axe (plate armour)
6 Night Goblins with spears
6 Night Goblin archers
3 Night Goblin netters
3 Night Goblins  (I'll probably group these with the Netters)
1 Goblin Boss
1 Goblin Shaman
6 Hobgoblin archers  (converted from the original WQ Goblins)
12 Snotlings  (although these look oversized next to the modern Night Goblins)
12 Skaven Clanrats
1 Skaven Warpfire Thrower team
1 Skaven Poison Globadier Champion
1 Skaven Assassin
5 Minotaurs
6 Beastmen Gors
6 Beastmen Ungors
3 Ogres
1 Necromancer
10 Skeleton spearmen
10 Zombies
6 Nurglings
12 Giant Rats
12 Giant Bats
12 Giant Spiders
3 Wild Cave Squigs
1 Gigantic Scorpion
1 River Troll

With Tim's help I'm still working out what parts to buy so that I can have a working PC again.


  1. I think I have all the models from the WHQ box except for the minotaurs (which I think you have) and a couple of skaven who have mysterious snuck off somewhere.
    I also have:
    a ton of extra goblin archers and spearmen
    some skaven from AHQ
    an orc boss
    a black orc boss
    a goblin shaman
    two fanatics
    four black orcs (without armour)
    assorted human soldiers, some of whom could be warriors, some of whom would make good bandits
    a squid herder team (no squigs, for some reason)
    an amber wizard
    some halflings
    some dwarves

  2. Oh yeah, I have 3 squigs. Your squigs! Mwahahaha!

    Also my Skaven characters are technically yours, but I liberated them.

    Don't you have a griffon too?