Thursday, 14 June 2012

GW prices...

There were a few items I couldn't get through Buy For Less Online in a recent order, so I had to get them direct from Games Workshop.  Now before I go any further, I have to state that I love GW's settings (especially Warhammer 40,000).  The miniatures are brilliant quality sculpts, the background & artwork is fantastic.  I like Black Library's novels.  However, a while back I realised that (even as a moderately well-paid full-time worker) I couldn't keep-up with the (in my opinion & the opinion of gamers I know) ever escalating prices of GW miniatures; which is partly why I turned to collecting historicals/moderns & using some W40K stand-in minis from other, more reasonably-priced producers.  I do wonder sometimes who GW is aiming their prices at, because if I find it hard to financially justify buying a few of their minis every now & again, how do 14+ year-old beginners put together armies & keep the Warhammer/W40K hobbies going?

Anyway, after adding 2 nicely-priced 'starter/bulker' packs of 5 skeleton warriors for Warhammer Quest to my basket, I had a quick scout about for any other nice bits to add to my monster range. "Oh," I thought "Skaven Poison Globadiers at £7.20 for 3. That's a reasonable buy to fill another Encounter Card slot."  The page shows 3 models, & the description (& my receipt) says "Globadiers".  I should have read a little more carefully, but I simply didn't consier that it could be £7.20 for a single globadier!  They're just troops, not even a fancy character!  So, a little disappointing, but I guess I'll just make this a Poison Globadier Champion... There's no way I can afford to spend £21.60 on 3 enemies for WQ!

Probably should've looked on eBay.

Also, my PC is also still broken.  I'm sorting out a new one. Photos will resume soon!


  1. That's mental.

    I noticed that their HQ models were generally much more expensive than very similar non-HQ models, even the undetailed ones like Marine Standard Bearers.

    This is £22 and I can see why - it's still hugely expensive, but it's kinda justifiable.

    This... I don't understand at all. £7.20, and for what exactly?

    ...especially when this is going for £20.50

    I've no idea what they think they're doing - this just seems like a suicidal direction to take.

    1. I think maybe mischieveous Gretchin may have been put in charge of pricing GW products.

      I've found the ultimate WTF price:

      When I was putting together my Tau Empire fleet I had to have a Kroot Warsphere, even though on a £s-for-points basis at £25 it was very overpriced compared to other vessels. Admittedly, the Warsphere is a very nice model, bulky, with lots of pieces, but now it is priced at £41! :-O ..It's only valued at 145pts too!

      Maybe the answer is to make the stats a lot better - Warspheres always sounded more powerful in the original Tau Codex than the BFG: Armada rules suggest. The activation of one in orbit around Dal'yth helped swing the battle against the Imperium's first foray into Tau space, destroying the Navy flagship IIRC.

    2. That's unbelievable.

      That all-Kroot fleet idea just went up to £400.

      You can buy an entire, complete (not to mention excellent!) board game for £40. That doesn't make any sense.

  2. Also, this was the captcha, just thought I'd share:

    1. The intarwebz won't let me view that link. When it asks me to prove I'm not a robot, I'm unable to type in the confirmation non-word :-s

    2. The image was of the captcha I needed to enter - it was a word, then a picture of a square with two small lines in the middle.

      This presumably proves that I am indeed a robot.

    3. Doh! That totally confused me. I think that means I'm either a human, or a really stupid robot :-S