Sunday, 22 July 2012

AFSR Armstrong-Whitworth-Fiat armoured car

I've finally completed the two 28mm scale Russian Civil War armour cars that I bought many months ago.  Here is the first of them, an Armstrong-Whitworth-Fiat of the Armed Forces of South Russia, (one of the most prominent 'White' armies that opposed the Bolsheviks following the revolution).  The model is from the Copplestone Castings 'Back of Beyond' range:

The Russian tricolour 'V' was originally the symbol for General Wrangel's Volunteer Army, but became the icon of the entire AFSR, before being replaced officially in 1920 by the tricolour roundel.  The name on the side reads "Centaur".  I think to truely finalise this model I'll have to spatter a mud effect across the wheels & lower portion, because it's looking a bit 'fresh from the metalworks' at the moment...

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