Sunday, 17 March 2019

Deep sea diver

Today I fancied painting something completely different - so I painted this steampunk deep sea diver!  I bought a pack of these awesome 15mm-scale 'Nemo Heavy Infantry' from Rebel Minis a couple years ago, purely because they looked so cool.  I didn't have any plans for gaming with them at the time, I just thought the aesthetic & sculpting was brilliant (especially at such a tiny scale!).  So many neat details on this model, but I especially like the breathing apparatus, the ornate cutlass, & what I am going to say is a repeating barb gun.

Since buying these divers, I have occasionally mused over using them in a home-brew steampunk deep sea skirmish game, with oceanic forests (aquarium plants), rocky underwater canyons, sunken ruins & wrecks, repainted toy sea beasts (e.g. & e.g.), & these Deep Ones (also from Rebel Minis).  Given the 15mm scale, some very large sea monsters could be represented with toys - a liopleurodon, megalodon, or even some unknown tentacled elder god from the deepest ocean trench maybe?... I'm very pleased with how this tiny test figure turned out, so I may even start yet another wargaming project...

In doing a bit of research, I discovered that when it comes to retro deep sea diving, truth is stranger than fiction:
1720s 'Old Gentleman' diving suit

1878 French diving suit

1910 Submarine Armour

1920s diving suits


  1. So that's why you were googling 'deep ones'. They look suspiciously like GW skinks to me...

    I'm trying hard to think of how to fit this guy into one of your existing games...