Thursday, 28 June 2018


I've been back on my long-running Lustria-set Warhammer Quest collection this week, & needed a quick starter to get me back in the flow of painting brightly hued Mesoamerican-inspired monsters - so I painted-up two bases of snakes.  These were decorative extras on a sprue of Saurus Cold One riders, & I really like what the sculptor has done with them - they look to be inspired by decorative Aztec serpents, so I painted one of the three types in jade & turquoise hues.

Snakes in Warhammer Quest are not much of a threat to the heroic Warriors (a paltry 30 gold each for slaying), so I could do with a few more of these.  I had been planning to scratch-build 2D6 bases of snakes using Green Stuff putty, but these are superior to anything that I could sculpt.  I need to paint up a lot more little critters yet - all the giant spiders, giant bats, & giant rats from the original boxed game, but source or make giant leeches, giant millipedes, giant insects...  I do at least have some plastic toys to use as giant lizards, although they are slightly too big in comparison to the others, so I will probably treat them as 'great lizards', & invent some suitable stats of a similar to 'great spiders' (as ridden by forest Goblins).


  1. Cracking work on the Serpents!

    They really look effective with the vivid colours and the bases are great!

    All the best!