Sunday, 15 March 2015

Industrial units

It took a couple of weeks, but I finally finished the pair of industrial units that I've been building for 15mm-scale zombie apocalypse games.  The main material is 5mm thick foamboard, with 3mm foamboard for internal walls, sections of matchsticks for window sills & door lintels, & thick card doors.  The windows are cut from transparent plastic packaging, with thin cardboard windowframes stuck around the edges (very fiddly at this scale!).  The outer walls were textured with paint thickener (readymix filler).  The roller shutters are sections of H Scale corrugated sheet from a model railway supplier.  I'm planning on having some scatter terrain such as crates to break up the internal space, but didn't want to go completely overboard with integral desks, shelving, & machinery etc.  I haven't bothered making a roof as it would be tiled & inaccessible. Next, I want to build a supermarket...

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