Thursday, 12 March 2015


I put together these two 15mm-scale hedgerows whilst working on a large scratchbuilt double industrial unit for zombie apocalypse games.  They are based on large lolly sticks, & are made from strips of thick polystyrene that I picked into rough hedge-like shapes with my fingers, before smoothing over with paint thickener (basically ready-mixed all-purpose filler in a tube).  I then painted the whole thing dark brown, before flocking the bases with Gale Force Nine earth & dead/winter static grass, & dry-brushing the upper hedges through a few dark greens.
They looked decent enough for gaming purposes by that point, but I added the final touch of some small Gale Force Nine meadow flock to better represent the texture.  These were very quick to make & I'm happy with how they turned-out. I will definitely be making some more of these (maybe some with telegraph poles) for my UK countryside setting.

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