Sunday, 17 June 2012

Warhammer Quest inventory

I've made an inventory of models I have for Warhammer Quest, ahead of probably starting a campaign with Tim, Dom, Hannah & co.  I have more than I thought, although a lot of it needs painting:

Wood Elf
Dwarf Trollslayer
High Elf Ranger
Imperial Noble

I should also be able to put together a Barbarian using Chaos Marauder bits (with a lantern from the Dwarf Miner sprue), & also a Dwarf Warrior using the Dwarf Miner sprue.

6 Orc Warriors
2 Orc 'Ard Boyz (maces & light armour)
4 Black Orcs (plate armour)
2 Black Orcs with battle axes (plate armour)
2 Black Orcs with maces (plate armour)
1 Black Orc Boss with battle axe (plate armour)
6 Night Goblins with spears
6 Night Goblin archers
3 Night Goblin netters
3 Night Goblins  (I'll probably group these with the Netters)
1 Goblin Boss
1 Goblin Shaman
6 Hobgoblin archers  (converted from the original WQ Goblins)
12 Snotlings  (although these look oversized next to the modern Night Goblins)
12 Skaven Clanrats
1 Skaven Warpfire Thrower team
1 Skaven Poison Globadier Champion
1 Skaven Assassin
5 Minotaurs
6 Beastmen Gors
6 Beastmen Ungors
3 Ogres
1 Necromancer
10 Skeleton spearmen
10 Zombies
6 Nurglings
12 Giant Rats
12 Giant Bats
12 Giant Spiders
3 Wild Cave Squigs
1 Gigantic Scorpion
1 River Troll

With Tim's help I'm still working out what parts to buy so that I can have a working PC again.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

GW prices...

There were a few items I couldn't get through Buy For Less Online in a recent order, so I had to get them direct from Games Workshop.  Now before I go any further, I have to state that I love GW's settings (especially Warhammer 40,000).  The miniatures are brilliant quality sculpts, the background & artwork is fantastic.  I like Black Library's novels.  However, a while back I realised that (even as a moderately well-paid full-time worker) I couldn't keep-up with the (in my opinion & the opinion of gamers I know) ever escalating prices of GW miniatures; which is partly why I turned to collecting historicals/moderns & using some W40K stand-in minis from other, more reasonably-priced producers.  I do wonder sometimes who GW is aiming their prices at, because if I find it hard to financially justify buying a few of their minis every now & again, how do 14+ year-old beginners put together armies & keep the Warhammer/W40K hobbies going?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

PC down

My PC is kaput at the moment, so unfortunately I have limited internet access, meaning it may be a little while before I can post photos of finished miniatures.  Over the past couple of weeks I've been busy putting together a band of Chechen rebels to fight Dom's Soviets in Force on Force.  Most of them are painted-up already :-)