Saturday, 26 May 2012

Goblin netters (WQ)

Having devoted all my wargaming attentions to Force on Force recently, it's been a couple of months since I painted a 28mm scale figure.  Two years back I GMed a short Warhammer Quest campaign with my best mates out of nostalgia .  Unfortunately it petered-out due to time constraints & the difficulties of getting everyone together regularly, but for a long while I've fancied putting together a 3D dungeon for this gem of a game.  Before I get too involved with that I thought I should paint up some figures to test my resolve...

So I've been painting up some Night Goblins from the Warhammer sprues that had been stored in the attic.  First up, here are 3 Goblin netters:

The black-&-purple colour scheme looks more interesting on the Gobs with spears (coming soon).  I decided to go with a gloss finish on the cloaks as it gives that nice rich black tone:

It's been refreshing to get back to a scale with more detail, & I think my painting skills are improving.  Finally, a close-up on one of these nasty green blighters:

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