Saturday, 19 May 2012

Middle East buildings 6 (FoF)

I've completed a second semi-detached house.  This will probably be the last 15mm-scale building with interior detail that I do for a while.  Due to the extra time it takes to construct & paint internal stuff, & the fact that it's not really needed in the Force on Force rules (& flat Middle Eastern roofs are handy for miniature placement!), I'll be bulking-up my collection with some simpler single-piece buildings.

Below are views of the 1st floor & ground floor:


  1. That looks great, and it will look even better next to the others. I think it's important to have quite a few buildings (even simple ones) since you if you have a couple of layers of buildings they will block LOS better - preventing snipers on the other end of the board pinning people down in the middle of town.

    FoF could just about handle internal rooms like that. It's not what it's designed for, but it's still possible.

    Having said that, I'm sure there are some decent skirmish scale Modern rulesets out there (I'm picking up a copy of Cold War:1983 for ideas and the sake of comparison), so we could do something like Operation Nimrod or other room-to-room things.

  2. I was talking to Mark the other week about dividing buildings up. My thought was that probably any building over 5", or maybe 4", should be divided into sections. Otherwise things will start to feel odd, as units enter at one end of a large building and suddenly appear at the other.
    There's still the potential to move 11" without rapid moving, but maybe you can imagine that once they know the building is safe, troops are able to move quickly inside, as they're reasonably safe from being shot.

  3. Something like that is probably a good idea, although I'd take issue with a phrase like "once they know the building is safe" - I once saw training exercise on TV where this enemy commander was holed up in the attic of one of the buildings - they had actually searched the building for him, but no-one looked upstairs. He remained there shelling them with simulated mortar fire whilst his army fled in terror.

  4. That proves my point, surely - if there's one place that's safe from artillery fire, it's the house the enemy commander is hiding in.