Monday, 5 August 2019

Noble & Minstrel

My finished Noble (& her Minstrel) for my Lustrian-themed Warhammer Quest collection.  When I saw the Maika von Ostwald sculpt from Hasslefree, I knew it would make an excellent Noble.  There is an alternate charging version of Maika, but I also picked a Barbarian figure in a similar pose, & think the relaxed confidence communicates her character better.  I'd been looking for figures to use for the WQ Warriors which befitted the tropical climate of Lustria - so this miniature, radiating privileged arrogance / relaxed heroic confidence, minus the cloak so often sported by fantasy heroes, & with a conquistador-vibe seemed perfect.  I also liked the twist that she was female, & quickly imagined a backstory for her. 

I have painted her as a Marienburger (so not technically an Imperial Noble), & see her as the daughter of a wealthy merchant lord of that archipelago city-state.  Bored of the sheltered dullness of elite trading guilds, & even duller courtiers, she paid for passage to the New World for a life of high adventure, planning to put her sword lessons under the tutleage of some of the finest Tilean duelists to good use.  She prefers to live (or at least dress) as a man, as it makes for more ready acceptance into the male-dominated world of adventuring, & avoids the unwelcome attractions of would-be suitors.

The Minstrel is an older Hasslefree Miniature that I bought quite a few years ago, & he required a repaint to match Maika's colours.  He travels along at Maika's heels, quite literally singing her praises & lyricising her many virtues & heroic escapades.  Much to the annoyance of her fellow adventurers.


  1. Those look great. I do like the Hasslefree sculpts

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