Thursday, 15 February 2018

Chem tower

This week I finished a scratch-built 'chem tower' for Necromunda / Inquisimunda.  This was a simple build based on an old CD, & using a Pringles tube for the central tank.  I added a pipe using a little aquarium chemical bottle & a couple sections from the useful Mantic Games Industrial Pipeline kit.  I also added some platforms & support beams using 3mm foamboard, with detail using cereal pack card, washers, & slices of cylindrical sprue for large bolts. The grille on top is a 'raft' left-over from a 3D-printing job.  I then added a bit of texture using coarse paint thickener, & a few bits of debris here & there, with sand for grit.

Only a quick & dirty dry-brushed paint job, with plenty of messy washes, & then a bit more work to suggest corrosion & rust here-&-there.  The freehand detail for the hazard stripes took the most time painting-wise, but I am happy with the finishing touch that they lend. Good enough for tabletop gaming though, I think. On the right is a photo of the chem tower before I spray-painted it with a black undercoat  >