Sunday, 12 March 2017

Chain of Command markers - Whites

I fancied something simple to paint this weekend, so I made this set of markers for Chain of Command, themed for my RCW 'White' platoon with the Russian national flag.  The six large markers are Patrol markers for use in the pre-battle Patrol Phase, which establishes the position of the smaller Jump Off (deployment) points of the opposing armies.  The markers are laser-cut ply discs from Fenris Games.

I considered making scenic Jump Off points as many gamers do, but they would be time-consuming to produce (when I already have far too many miniatures projects on the go), & I think having the markers as flags will still bring a bit of flavour to the tabletop.  I considered printing flags & cutting them to fit the discs, but reasoned that it would be just as quick to hand-paint them, since the design is so straightforward.

I will also produce a set of markers for my Bolsheviks ('Reds'), & possibly a set for anarchists ('Blacks').  Not sure whether to go with a red star on all the Bolshevik markers, or capture more of a sense of the revolutionary idealism of the RCW, with a mix of slogans in Russian, & perhaps one with star, one with a hammer & sickle.  The same goes for the anarchist markers - these could simply be black, or have a selection of revolutionary slogans/symbols, & maybe a skull & crossbones. I'd be interested to read anyone's opinion on these ideas.

Regrettably, after dabbling with snowy scenery & basing for my RCW collection, I've decided to switch to a more standard 'wilderness' theme, reasoning that all the figures would need to be in greatcoats to handle the Russian winter, not gymnastyorkas (as worn by the preview figure above); & I couldn't source enough variety of greatcoat-wearing figures.  Even if I could, the opposing armies would look less interesting when they are both clothed in similar grey-green military greatcoats.  The armies of the RCW present a lot of colourful variety when dressed for warmer weather, which will be more interesting to paint, & more distinct on the tabletop.  Also, although it's not a very original basing style, I am very pleased with the outcome, thanks to judicious use of Gamer's Grass tufts.

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