Friday, 30 December 2016

Snowy wood

December has been busy with preparation & festivities, but I finally managed to get some hobby time in during my week off, after Christmas was over - here's my last post of 2016!  I was in the mood for something suitably wintry, so I've been blitzing through a rebase of my rarely-used 28mm Russian Civil War figures (you guessed it - for Crossfire, my new favourite rule set!).  Anyway, the figure rebasing is still in progress, but today I finished this wood.

The model coniferous trees are mounted on laser-cut ply bases from Fenris Games, which each have four 1p coins under all that texturing & flock, for nice hefty balance.  I 'winterised' the trees using coarse modelling paste & flock.  For ease of figure placement, I've made the trees separate from the base, which is what defines the extent of the wood for rules purposes.  This also means that I can swap other features (such as rocks) between bases for more variety of table layouts.  The dirt & snow flock is from Gale Force Nine.  I dry-brushed a little white paint over the dirt for a more aesthetically frosty look.  Fairly happy with how my snow is turning out, though I'm still experimenting.  I also have some 4Ground Snow, which looks fluffier & less granular than the GF9 flock - but it's very fine & floats everywhere (makes me concerned for potential lung problems from inhaling :-s).