Sunday, 11 September 2016

Saurus Temple Guard

I've spent far too much time on them for only four figures, but this weekend I finally finished painting these Saurus Temple Guard for Warhammer Quest.  The miniatures are the slightly older metal Temple Guard (they have been replaced by similar but all-plastic models since).  As part of my Lizardmen ebay haul, I picked up a pack of Temple Guard fetishes from the newer plastic kit, & used these to spice-up the shields a bit, adding tusks, jawbones, a shrunken head & so on, to further-emphasize the elite status of these Saurus.

The sculpts are nicely detailed, but a bit static in pose.  I like how they are slightly beefier & a lot more decorated than standard Saurus though.

In the semi-official stats for Temple Guard at the excellent Warhammer Quest Chronicles, these creatures are pretty damn nasty - worth 500 gold each for slaying.  For comparison, a basic Saurus is 150 gold, whilst a basic Orc is 55 gold!  So the adventurers in my Lustrian dungeons may not be encountering them anytime soon (or if they do, maybe only a single one as a boss!).


  1. Yeah, those temple guard are hardcore. 25 wounds, toughness 7 and 2d6/3d6(5+) damage! A 5+ hit is likely to kill level 1 warriors outright.

    1. Yeah, these are cold-blooded killers! I have been wondering about how armour is treated with some Monsters in WQ. There appears to be little consistency as to whether creatures with natural armour get Armour points in their stats, or extra Toughness, or neither :-s

    2. I suspect it reflects a lack of consistency in the original WHFB stats. I think natural armour probably tends to be more common in things that were statted later.