Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Syrian Army platoon

Over the past few weeks I've put together & painted-up this 1980s Syrian Army mechanised infantry platoon for 15mm-scale Crossfire.   The figures are all from Peter Pig's AK47 range.  It was a nice & straightforward paint scheme, no fancy camo, but I'm pleased with how these turned out.  They should complement my Syrian AT commandos nicely.  This platoon consists of three squads of two fireteams, with one squad led by the Platoon Leader.  There are two RPGs in the HQ squad, & one RPG in each of the other squads. I plan to green stuff a radio pack on the man next to the PC, & add a little wire aerial.  Next to work on are the three BTR-60PBs that will transport this platoon - these will have the jazzy blue-grey & dark green on biege camo seen on many Syrian APCs at the time.

My favourite figure in this platoon is the leader of Squad 1, wearing a field cap.  He just looks like a bit of a grizzled veteran leading his largely inexperienced (& possibly conscripted) soldiers.


  1. Looking good- I look forwards to the BTRs!

    1. Cheers Barks! The snazzy camo on the BTRs should be fun to paint.