Saturday, 13 February 2016

Crossfire markers

I've painted-up some markers for 15mm-scale CrossfireThese are Ø15mm laser-cut ply bases from Fenris Games - the perfect size given the small scale of my Crossfire figures, but still easy enough to handle.  I painted & drybrushed them to match the arid bases of my 'Lebanon 1982' forces, so that they blend nicely with the tabletop scenery. I've produced 26 Pinned/Suppressed markers - one blood splat for Pinned, & 2 blood splats on the reverse side for Suppressed (I gloss-varnished the blood for extra visual effect); & 8 No Fire/Ground Hugging markers (a single line for Ground Hugging, & a cross on the reverse side for No Fire).

The Pinned/Suppressed markers will be much more convenient than my original plan to use casualty figures based on 1p coins (1 for Pinned, 2 for Suppressed), as they are smaller & double-sided.  I'm planning to rebase my casualty figures 3 to a fireteam base, & use them purely for scenic purposes when a unit is killed/rendered combat-ineffective.


  1. Clever idea and nicely done Sir.

    1. Thanks, Michael. I've since repainted the Ground Hugging/No Fire markers with dark green lines, as I decided that'd tie them in more closely with their function as status markers for military units (I'm also painting terrain markers with dark brown numbers now...)