Sunday, 12 July 2015

Armed Response Unit

More UK police painted for 15mm scale zombie apocalypse this week.  Here is an Armed Response Unit - 12 specially-trained coppers, 6 with SMGs & 6 with assault rifles.  The figures are US SWAT from Rebel Minis.  They are true 15mm scale, & realistically proportioned, which means they look slightly diminutive next to the Khurasan British Police that I painted (particularly the stooping advancing figures with SMGs).  This pack has 20 miniatures, in 4 unique variants - For both the SMG & AR figures, there is a version with & without backpack & lots of pouches.


  1. Like these. Very realistic poses too. Now the Zed's had better look out, well, at least until the ammo dries up.

  2. Thanks, Paul & Dai. These blokes nearly bring the 'living / uninfected' side of my collection to completion... Just a horde of zombies / infected to paint now!