Saturday, 25 April 2015

Burned-out farm buildings

This weekend I put the finishing touches to a pair of fire-damaged farm buildings, for use in a Russian Civil War setting.  My 28mm scale RCW project stalled several years ago, despite having most of the troops painted to a half-decent standard.  My original idea was to go with a winter theme, because snow has always been so evocative of this setting for me, ever since I first saw Doctor Zhivago (1965).  First-time round with my figures I ditched this idea as too limiting, given that I fancied expanding my collection into Central Asia at large (the Back of Beyond expansion for the Contemptible Little Armies rules), & that the Russian winter is never a good time for conducting warfare.

However, having recently revisited this old project, I decided to go with my heart & rebase my figures with Gale Force Nine snow.  I'll probably break-up the effect with tufts of dead grass, but I'm still getting the hang of snow effects.  I've also been improving the paint jobs on my RCW figures, because I think my technique has improved in the past couple years.

I picked-up these burned-out buildings discounted in the aquatics section of the local garden centre.  I haven't painted them at all, just based them up on ply, with dark-brown & black painted sand for the scorched earth/debris, & now a few patches of unmelted snow to tie-in with my new-look troops.

If I get round to gaming with these figures, I'm not sure what rules I'd use. Perhaps a home-brew version based on the Necromunda-era W40K ruleset, because I'm thinking of skirmish-level action.

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