Friday, 30 May 2014

Liebster Award

Recently I was kindly nominated for a 'Liebster Award' by Barks, which made my day, thanks Barks!  I'm new to the concept of the Liebster, but I feel I should do my best to follow the informal rules as I understand them.

There are so many great wargaming & miniature hobby blogs out there, it's such a fantastic community we have.  I'm going to find it hard to pick nominations, so I'll start by directing the reader to the list of blogs that I follow down the right-hand column of this page.  I really enjoy the updates from all these great bloggers.  Have a trawl!

However, if I had to pick some current favourites/Liebster nominees, they would be as follows (in no particular order):

█    Gunners Wargaming. Dan has been putting out some outstanding 15mm-scale Warhammer 40,000 conversions, including Tau, Orks, & now Sisters of Battle! Stunning conversion work at this tiny scale.
█    Dave Taylor Miniatures. Dave churns-out fantastic Warhammer 40,000 figures, including many intricate kit-bashes.  His recent Mechanicum models & Gaunt's Ghosts are absolutely amazing.
    Imperial Armour.  Tacobat produces gorgeously realistic paint jobs on modern & 20th Century tanks, AFVs, & infantry.  So much eye-candy.
    Modern Wargamer.  Gunrunner paints lots of ultra-modern & sci-fi 15mm-scale minis & scenery to a really high standard.  Great stuff.
    Monty's Wargaming.  I really enjoy reading about areas of wargaming/miniatures that I'm not familiar with on Monty's blog - such as Vikings/Normans, 28mm-scale WWII, & Judge Dredd.  Also there are the occasional thoughts on wargame-fodder movies & computer games.

I would have included Wargaming with Barks as well, but he's recently been awarded a Liebster anyway, & it seemed silly to pass it back!

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