Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dire Wolves (WQ)

I'm staying focused on Warhammer Quest for the moment - this morning I finished painting these 1D6 Dire Wolves.  Being the owner of an Alaskan malamute, I opted for sled-dog colour schemes, rather than the all-grey/brown/black/white that I often see on wargame wolves.

These are yet more brilliant figures from the Copplestone Castings 15mm Barbarica range.  Dire Wolves do not appear in the Warhammer Quest bestiary, but I'll use the Warhounds stats for them.  I imagine that they could either be a wild pack which shelters in the dungeon, or semi-domesticated by Chaos Marauders or other villains.  Below is a size comparison photo, showing an unfortunate Savage Orc cornered by the pack:

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