Sunday, 29 April 2012

Temperate walls (FoF)

Following on from the outcrops & fences, here are some temperate-themed walls that I've made for Dom.  They're nice & simple - foamboard sections glued to lolly sticks, textured with filler & highlighted up to have a weathered look.  For variety I made one ruined section & one with a metal gate, & attempted some generic graffiti on one, though it is quite tricky at 15mm scale:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Middle East buildings 2 (FoF)

I'm painting my foamboard desert-themed buildings this weekend.  Now that I'm intending to put together a small Ranger/Delta Force & Somali militia collection for some Day of the Rangers games, I've got one eye on making the buildings suitable for a Lebanon or Mogadishu setting...  Below is a small house I made.  It was very plain as a simple adobe hovel, so I added some painted doors & some shutters:

This was the 1st 15mm scale building I ever built using foamboard - the removable roof sits on sections of cocktail sticks in each corner of the room.  Buildings I've made since have each floor slotting flush with the ceiling level below instead.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Middle East Buildings 1 (FoF)

Where I've found spare time over the past few weeks I've been constructing foamboard Middle East buildings.  However, I haven't finished many of them yet.  I recently bought the Road to Baghdad & Day of the Rangers Force on Force supplements.  I will almost certainly be adding some 1993 US & Somali militia to my 15mm collection for some missions in Mogadishu - so all these Middle East buildings will be doubling for that too.

Meanwhile my friends Dom & Tim are planning an alternate Lebanon 1982 campaign where escalation may involve direct clashes between the US/Britain & Russia, perhaps with each of us playing a regular force & an insurgent force.

Below are two garages I've finished, one in a traditional Lebanese style, the other more 'generic Middle Eastern':

..& here they are with the roofs removed.  I used cocktail sticks for piping, & stuck some crates in one of them. They have raised roller-shutters made of strips of card, but they're not visible from this angle:

Friday, 6 April 2012

Middle East bunker (FoF)

Here is my bunker for the Arab/Israeli wars Force on Force setting, finally finished.  I constructed the bunker itself first, followed by layers of embankment around the sides, all using foamboard coated in tinted all-purpose filler.  Sand to texture the upper surfaces as usual, & flecks of flock & tufts of static grass as the finishing touch:

I'm planning to do removable roofs/internal details on all my FoF buildings- It's more fun than always placing miniatures on the roof:

I'm considering adding an armoured door to the right of the entrance defence slit in the photo above, for extra security :-)