Sunday, 15 April 2012

Middle East Buildings 1 (FoF)

Where I've found spare time over the past few weeks I've been constructing foamboard Middle East buildings.  However, I haven't finished many of them yet.  I recently bought the Road to Baghdad & Day of the Rangers Force on Force supplements.  I will almost certainly be adding some 1993 US & Somali militia to my 15mm collection for some missions in Mogadishu - so all these Middle East buildings will be doubling for that too.

Meanwhile my friends Dom & Tim are planning an alternate Lebanon 1982 campaign where escalation may involve direct clashes between the US/Britain & Russia, perhaps with each of us playing a regular force & an insurgent force.

Below are two garages I've finished, one in a traditional Lebanese style, the other more 'generic Middle Eastern':

..& here they are with the roofs removed.  I used cocktail sticks for piping, & stuck some crates in one of them. They have raised roller-shutters made of strips of card, but they're not visible from this angle:

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