Monday, 18 July 2016

Fortification Package

Back to the Middle East, with this 'Fortification Package' for 15mm-scale Crossfire In Crossfire, the Defending player has the option to take Fortification Packages, with the standard package being 1 Bunker/Hardpoint, 3 sections of Wire, & 1 section of Minefield.  The Bunker/Hardpoint is described as being able to hold 1-4 bases of infantry (I've made mine to hold 4 fireteams).  As you'd expect, the Wire slows down or even waylays infantry; whilst the Minefield can be used as a deadly obstacle between other terrain Features, or within a Feature to designate the whole Feature as mined.  The Minefield is also 'fun' as it is deployed Hidden...

I made the large bunker a few years ago, & will probably make a couple more smaller ones.  I'm considering alternate Barricades & IED options for my PLO force, who (like the Japanese in the original Crossfire rules) will get 2 Bunkers, 2 Wire, & 1 Minefield in their standard package.
I made the bases by joining two of the 50x25mm pill bases together (I am counting my smaller Ø25 bases as the 'standard base size' for rules purposes, meaning that these strips fit the rules definition of 4x1 bases area).  The 'razor wire' coils are florist wire from a craft shop, twisted around a pencil, & painted gunmetal silver.  The Wire posts are sections of cocktail stick; whilst I used sections of matchsticks for the Minefield markers.  The bases are textured using paint thickener & sand, & decorated with a few tiny bits of Gale Force 9 flock & static grass.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Saurus Warriors

The last month or so has been very busy for me, so I've hardly done any miniatures stuff.  However, I have finished these 'D6' Lizardmen Saurus Warriors for my Lustria-themed Warhammer Quest set.  They had the same painting approach as the Saurus with spears that I put together recently, including altering the necks to reposition some of the heads in more dynamic poses.  There's also a bit more variety in this unit thanks to their selection of exotic Mesoamerica-inspired hand weapons.