Friday, 26 March 2021

Titan Dwarf army reinforced

To be truly complete, my Titan Dwarf army for 15mm-scale Sláine Hordes of the Things will need a Stronghold (I'm going to model a mine entrance defended by the last few dwarves that I have left to paint).  However, here finally is the complete army!  I have added a second titan as an option if two of the dwarf warriors elements are swapped-out in exchange. The default army list is: 

Lord (Blades General) @ 2 AP
Priest of Goibiniu
(Cleric) @ 3 AP
3 x Warriors with magic axes (Blades) @ 2 AP each
3 x Warriors with spears (Spears) @ 2 AP each
Bolt Thrower
(Artillery) @ 3 AP
(Behemoth) @ 4 AP

Lots of photos of the army after the jump break:



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