Monday, 29 June 2015

Champions of Slaanesh (W40K)

Just finished painting a pair of Champions of Slaanesh as foes for my Inquisition force.  As one of these miniatures features nudity, & is therefore 'not suitable for work' etc, the photos are hidden behind the jump break below.  Background-wise, these women have dedicated themselves to to Slaanesh, the Chaos god of pleasure, perfection, & excess.  In return for their ruthless devotion to the Dark Prince(/ss), they have been gifted with their vision of physical & martial perfection, as well as extended youth.  Both wield daemon weapons in which reside minor but malevolent Warp entities.

Arrecina Memnoch was highborn, one of the many daughters of Maquis Eliphas Memnoch, the tyrant of Luadghett.  Luadghett (in the Cassiene Sector of the Ultima Segmentum) is a fallen hive world & breeding ground for heretics & cultists.  The system lies perilously close to the corrupting influence of the Perdus Rift.  Life in the spires of Luadghett is of privileged elitism, ruthless intrigue, & the pursuit of perverse pleasure & forbidden knowledge.  Arrecina bears a spear with a crystalline blade which glows with cold light, a gift from her father.  The weapon is of unknown xenos origin, & harbours a minor daemon which tears at the souls of those it wounds.  In combat, Arrecina is lithe & incredibly agile, making up for her lack of armour with almost inhuman reflexes, parrying & slicing lethally with her crystal spear.  The figure is from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Valaska Syn was born to violent underhive gang life on a Luadghett, & rose through the ranks of the heretic military forces to command a warband.  She bears an axe which constantly smoulders with inner Warp fire.  This weapon was gifted to her by the Marquis Eliphas Memnoch himself after her depraved cultists destroyed the Mechanicus outpost on the tomb world of Sim Gishel.  When roused by the prospect of combat, the edge of the axe blazes yellow with unholy heat.  In battle, Valaska fights in a bizarre & unpredictable style, blocking with kicks of her plated legs & delivering punishing blows from her daemon axe.  This figure is also from Hasslefree Miniatures.

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